Better Processes to Deliver and Manage Your IT Resources

Our Dedicated IT Experts Ensure the Success of Your Contract Workforce

 KoncertIT's Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) act as peers and leaders for your team of consultants to ensure your complete success. They help develop job descriptions, recruit and evaluate potential hires, define objectives and manage every aspect of candidate contracts, scheduling, progress, performance, reviews and more.

Our SME team leaders not only save your organization money, but also free up the time and resources that you need to focus on your core business goals.

Better IT Talent. Better Processes. Better Results.
We  take care of all of your IT sourcing needs.

Cost Reduction

Gain clear visibility and control over your external labor and services spend. Our clients realize 10 to 15 percent savings on their contingent labor costs while KoncertIt monitors and controls all costs for your annual labor, services and projects spend. 


Independent IT contractors can be a great asset to a company. They can also be a concern. KoncertIt ensures your organization and contract labor are 100% compliant with U.S. and global labor laws, including tax laws, local laws and guidelines, HR and health and safety laws.


Balancing the mix of independent IT contractors is critical to the success of your organization. KoncertIT will ensure the efficient, measureable management of your contract labor through proprietary automated software systems, proven processes and reduced administrative burdens. 


From need discovery, talent acquisition and onboarding to vendor/labor management, compliance monitoring, performance reviews, and hardware/software needs, KoncertIt ensures that your IT sourcing program is executed flawlessly. Our dedicated experts and success managers will ensure your IT contract labor is of the highest quality and that your IT sourcing processes are efficient, measureable and continually improved to return the highest ROI and savings for your organization.


KoncertITs unique technology (IP) provides fully-integrated and automated sourcing solutions, including content management (SOWs, performance), requisition management (vendors, hardware, software), action-style fulfillment, onboarding, compliance management (SLA), performance management, contractor management and single supplier invoicing. KoncertIT's Candidate and IT Tracking and Delivery portal provides unparalleled efficiency for your IT sourcing program.


We know that one solution does not fit all. KoncertITs technologies and services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization in order to provide a customized, high touch IT contingent workforce management system that is efficient, risk-adverse and delivers true savings of money, time and resources. Contact us to schedule a complimentary needs assessment and to learn how our IT sourcing solutions can work for you.
Better IT Talent. Better Processes. Better Results.
We  take care of all of your IT sourcing needs.